The brand

Global Vision Bunkers, hereby claims ownership of the brand Global Vision Bunkers and / or Global Vision Bunkers Group, hereafter referred to as the "Group" and includes and context where the abbreviations GVB, Global Vision are seen to appear whether used in the context of bunkers, marine fuels or lubricants broking or trading or physical supply of any of the afore mentioned products.

No use of the brand is permitted without the Group's explicit authorisation or permission.  No actions can be performed in the Group's name without written permission from the "Group"'s management to the third party.

This includes the use of Global Vision in the alii or IDs of IM accounts (Instant Messenger) such as Yahoo or Skype.  Any such accounts that include any of the above are deemed to be Global Vision Bunkers property inclusive of any contacts / discussions conducted in the name of the Group. Any misuse not in keeping with a professional code of conduct associated with a professional trader / broker acting in the interests of the Group may open the user up to legal actions - likewise any attempt to wilfully pass Group information to third parties that will prejudice or potentially harm the Group will be not only deemed sackable offences but will open the user up to the same legal processes. Should the user leave the employ of the Group he must cede the account back to the Group so that it may be either discontinued or be taken over by a colleague.

Global Vision Bunkers has no interest in private matters of the individual user but likewise will not be held responsible in the case of fraudulent actions by any individual claiming to be acting on behalf of the Group.