Flash Point

Standard test: ISO 2719
Minimum: 60 °C
Except DMX min.: 43 °C


An out of spec Flash Point is almost impossible to deal with onboard. It only takes 5% of a low flash point product to bring the down the Flash Point of the remaining 95% of material. Immediately quarantine this fuel and do not use it, until it is confirmed that it is safe to use. Running ship’s engines on fuels below the legal flash point limit of 60°C will put your insurance cover at risk. Volatile hydrocarbons (low boiling point) evaporate at low temperatures into gaseous fumes and ignite in the presence of a flame or even a hot surface. The combination of air access and fuels heated to / above flash point could lead to uncontrolled ignition of the more volatile gaseous hydocarbons with disastrous results. DMX has a much reduced Flash Point to allow for vessels operating in sub-normal temperature conditions.

In the case of an off spec Flash Point, inform the supplier via Global Vision ASAP and have the supplier test his retained sample. If the results concur offload at the next opportunity.

In case the supplier’s retained sample disagrees. Then the final retained sample should be tested at a mutually agreed independent laboratory with the final results treated as final and binding for both parties. If the outcome confirms an off-spec Flash Point offload at the next opportunity.