Suspect Fuel

In an attempt to provide a more wholistic service, GVB provides this additional service to assist operators who fear foul play by some rogue suppliers or suspect that the fuel taken on to be unusable. Although fairly comprehensive in its nature it is to be taken as no more than a guide to help operators deal with the most typical problems that can develop with marine fuel issues and is by no means exhaustive or to be interpreted as a rule-book but it should help to guide investigations, provide damage limitation adviceand to suggest appropriate subsequent corrective action or steps to take.

According to statistics over 99% of supplies investigated by laboratories carried out by reputable / reliable suppliers are found to be on spec. Of the remainder 0.9% are minor overshoots and with the correct action can still be used, with only 0.1% of deliveries definitively unfit for use.

As a standard operating procedure all supplies should be checked for conformance with the agreed specification and any deviations reported as soon as possible to the supplier together with claims on damage suffered / expected.

Fuels out of spec should not be used without consulting with the technical department of the ship operator – GVB has a network of competent and reliable suppliers who will be able to also give advice on the correct course of action.

Fuels severely out of spec in one or slightly out of spec on a range of properties should not be used. Fuels slightly out of spec in one property can be considered for use if the fuel treatment systems are able to cope with the deviation in the parameters.In the event of a claim GVB puts forward its services as an intermediary to assist owners in resolving the dispute to its satisfaction.

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