Quality control

Always looking for the best price and quality

In this very volatile market Global Vision Bunkers will provide you with added value, security and service. Global Vision Bunkers are International Brokers who work on behalf some of the oldest ship owners in the world. Global Vision takes pride in working with only first class operators and charterers to secure them the best quality bunkers and lubricants at the best possible prices all over the world. Global Vision Bunkers continues to enforce strict quality control procedures and is careful to vet its suppliers in order to work only to the highest standards possible. This blacklisting system and scrutiny has served us well in the past to steer clear of problems resulting in an exemplary record. We have a right to be proud of our work and the suppliers we select to use - but nobody ever has the right to be complacent.

Working in all areas of the world, Global Vision Bunkers knows better than to think that qualities of grades don't vary. Whilst Global Vision Bunkers enforces a strict in-house vetting system of suppliers if a vessel needs bunkers in an area where no approved supplier exist and where quality / dependability of supply may be in doubt we will advise accordingly.

Being an independent broker allows us to be objective and properly represent and advise the aggrieved party from an objective perspective should such ever occur.