Sales agents

GVB through its local offices has built up a network of bunker traders with very specialised localised expertise, when this is combined with the Group's worldwide network it is a potent combination.

The marriage of the two means that the Group is heavily involved in certain regions in embryonic marketplaces where local suppliers are seeking to raise standards and develop their markets. The Group provides technical and infrastructural advice to these suppliers so that they may meet international standards and the expectations of the international markets.

Being often small and localised these suppliers use the Group as a credit buffer as they are not so familiar with international markets nor have the proper risk management infrastructure. They also take advantage of the Group's worldwide reach as their sales agents carrying their message immediately right the way around the world to the Group's clients.

The Group has for years been heavily involved in burgeoning markets throughout the African continent and offshore. As such in Angola it has been awarded the licence as a licensed distributor of Sonangol product and supplies both cargoes and bunkers by barge using sub-contracted barging companies in / off Luanda and throughout Angola by truck and pipeline (subject availability). Sonangol is the state refiner of Angola.