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Any service company is only as good as its people.  Supplying bunkers IS a service. Global Vision Bunkers is rigorous in its choice of people and that is what makes GVB one of the fastest growing Groups in its sector.  We make sure we get the best and the results are clear.  Clients keep coming back to us and spreading the word not just because of the prices we acheive but the professionalism with which we go about our business.  We will never abandon the philosophy of permanently being on the look out for "Global" people and presenting them with the opportunity to fulfill themselves.

We are currently looking for a senior trader for our South African office but even if not in this area and you think you have the right qualities and something to contribute then you might be still be a good fit in the worldwide jigsaw that is the Global family.

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Global Vision Bunkers Group is a an equal opportunities employer. For more information on opportunities or positions within the Group email