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In this very volatile market Global Vision will provide you with added value, security and service. Global Vision Bunkers are International Bunker Traders and Brokers who work on behalf some of the oldest ship owners in the world. Global takes pride in working with only first class operators and charterers to secure them the best quality bunkers and lubricants at the best possible prices all over the world.

GVB with its  Global  team  around the world providing over 100 cumulative years experience in the market - does the work, knows the market and monitors trends to anticipate movements with a Global coverage so that you don't have to.  GVB advises from an independent perspective, ship-owners / operators on timing and planning of requirements geographically according to local market forces and trends versus global fundamental and technical trends.

GVB collates information from Singapore, the European markets, the barge trade in Rotterdam & Antwerp (where most of the suppliers get their product in the ARA locally and is barometric for market movements throughout Europe) and the US.  We can often see movements before the bunker market has time to react.

Risk Management

Global Vision can provide a range of Risk Management products designed by market specialists to give you peace of mind and protect you from market fluctuations. With Global providing proper management of your portfolio you will benefit from enhanced liquidity while turning volatile market oscillations to your advantage.

Global can advise you on all ports of the world and provide a sound bunker management geared towards optimising cost savings and bunker quality. at all times.